Monday, July 8, 2013


Media Release MAPIM
8hb July 2013


The recent coup in Egypt by the military is now showing signs of moving towards a dangerous direction in relations to Gaza. The closure of the Rafah crossing  has prolonged to almost a week since the coup .

Rafah crossing is the vital life line for Gaza in its struggle to meet the sustenance for the daily basic needs of Gaza ; food , medicines and medical apparatus , fuel and construction materials.

The  closure of Rafah since 3rd of July  ordered by the military regime has blocked access into and out of Gaza.  This action , has exposed the residents of Gaza to a renewed hardships and vulnerability to any Israel assault.

We call on all international  agencies to push for the Egypt authorities  to reopen Rafah crossing to avoid a recurrence of turning Gaza into an open prison.

It is most outrages for the Fatah faction to use the closure to incite Palestinians in Gaza to ouster Hamas . This is indeed a treacherous stance and a humiliation  on the part of the Palestinians  .

While Egypt as  moved troops and armored vehicles to Sinai-Gaza border on the pretext of a spike of attacks on the military guards , it should not be a justification to close the Rafah border .

To the international community, the closure of Rafah as the only outlet by land for Gazans to the outside world ,  signifies the victimization of Gaza and the collaboration of Egypt with Israel to suffocate the people of Gaza.

The Egypt turmoil should not be a reason for the closure , as Gaza residents need to have access into and outside of Gaza . The recent report saw nearly 1,000 Palestinian pilgrims who visited Mecca have not been able to return home because of the closure of the border.

Blocking the movements of Gaza is tantamount to denying their rights as citizens to have access to the needed daily and urgent items which mainly comes through the Rafah crossing. This was glaringly witnessed by the world during the 2008 aggression of Israel on Gaza.

The outcome being the intensifying of the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip will see Egypt to be in cohort with Israel .

The world cannot be silent on the dire implication of the Egypt coup on Gaza since there are already indications of Israeli military preparations for an operation at the borders .  Indicators of a likely attack is getting clearer as air surveillance by the Israel Air Force in the Gaza air space and the hyping of Gaza as a threat to Israel in the public media in Israel is sending signals of a possible aggression by Israel.

The world cannot be silent. Another war on Gaza will be devastating as Gaza is morally and physically affected by the dethroning of Morsi as the President elect of Egypt who had given hopes and the needed support to the people and resistance fighters of Gaza.

Already the  present chronic shortage of fuel is squeezing Gaza and resuming the tight control on Gaza , making it vulnerable to any Israel assault.

By destroying the tunnels at the borders at Rafah which have been the breathing lungs of Gaza , Egypt has once again denied Gaza of its basic human rights .

We condemn the inhuman move by the military regime closing the border and  resuming Egypt as a culprit to the victimizing of Gaza since 2006 imposition of blockade by the Israel occupation forces.

We call the UN and the UN Security Council not to ignore the impending possibility of  an aggression since the Israel regime has a record of being always a nation ready to unilaterally launch an unexpected strike on its perceived enemy. What more it has experienced a  disgracefully defeat by the military wing of Hamas in the last 8 days March 2012  war.

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
Presiden MAPIM

Chairman of SHURA ( Secretariat for the Ulama Assembly of Asia)  

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