Thursday, January 16, 2014

Melayu mesti didahulukan

Apa pun, Melayu mesti didahulukan.

Noah Feldman, “The Fall and Rise of the Islamic State”, Princeton and Oxford. 2012

“Most troubling, in the Arabic-speaking world, regimes could be divided into monarchies and dictatorships―but all looked impervious to domestic overthrow by democratic means.  Where, I asked, was the Muslim equivalent to the Solidarity movement that helped overthrow communism in Poland? Islamism clearly expressed an aspiration to better forms of self-government.  But the possibilities for exploring them were blocked by repressive governments that had for decades been highly effective in preserving their positions”

Di atas adalah sebuah pandangan yang menarik untuk direnungi oleh seluruh rakyat Malaysia termasuk mereka yang bukan Islam.  Dan dalam konteks membicarakan ‘pemerintahan’ Islam ini khususnya dalam episod nama Allah, kepada seorang teman bukan Islam, saya tulis begini:

That is the reason why I always argue with my Malay/PAS friends: Go ‘Islamic’ all the way, let Umno demonise Pas by using the 'Malay sword' because ultimately truth will prevail. Why must they be so worried if they are so CONFIDENT that Islam is the whole TRUTH?  In fact by embracing Islam completely, no one in PAS should be worried about race.  May be those in PAS themselves are not fully sincere confident with Islam? 
Take TGNA as an example.  With all his shortcomings, he has proven to most Malaysians what can happen IF efforts are made to walk-the-talk as a true Muslim leader. The problem with PAS is, it cannot drop that Malayness mentality.  To me basically, many in PAS are still 'nationalists first, Islam second'.  That is why that rotten UG spirit would not go away from our political arena.
Sad but true, the real message and practice of Islam cannot be fully realised. By now you must have noticed that for all cases where Islam is involved, finally it is Islam that is always victimised!  So, how are you going to dakwah, propagate Islam?  

Adakah sebarang pandangan atau pun bantahan?

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