Friday, November 22, 2013

Budaya Templat

Jawapan templat (template answers)

Seorang mantan pemimpin kesatuan sekerja, Sang Unionist dalam sesi Seni Budaya Kampung Melayu Ibu Kota pada 16 November 2013 lalu di KLSCAH antara lain melontarkan komentar berikut:

“Dalam kebanyakan hal, Kerajaan sentiasa bersedia dengan jawapan templatnya, (template answer) seperti:  sedang mengkaji, dalam perhatian, Kerajaan sangat prihatin dengan rakyat dan sebagainya”.

Jangan fikir hanya Kerajaan saja yang siap sedia dengan templat ― template argumentsnya. Perhatikan jawapan tentang peranan ulama:

 “Ulamak itu pewaris Nabi” atau 

“ Kita berpegang dengan Al-Quraan dan Sunah sebagai panduan”. 

Yang ini, petikan di bawah ini jelas bukanlah hujah templat:

‘DAP was victorious due to diligence’

 | November 21, 2013

PAS Youth delegate says it is insufficient if a person only recites the Quran to be successful.

The DAP was victorious in the last general election because they were hardworking and good strategists.

Malacca PAS Youth delegate Azizan Lim said this while debating PAS Youth outgoing chief Nasruddin Hassan Tantawi’s keynote address at the PAS Youth Muktamar.

“Allah gave them the win because they work hard. In Malacca alone, they won six out of the eight state seats contested,” he said.

He then explained how if a student does not study and does not go for revision classes and just recite the Ya Sin (Quranic chapter), therefore they would not excel.

“That’s why we can see although the non-Muslims eat pork, they can still get 9As,” he said, further lamenting how PAS lacks good, creative strategists.

Commenting on recent cases which touch on religious sensitivities, he opined that PAS must invite non-Muslims to have dialogues for them to further understand Islam.

“However, I’ve seen on Facebook how some talk about fighting to the last drop of blood. We’re not in Palestine, this is politics, why are we talking about fighting to the last drop of blood?

“We tell them they cannot mention Allah, they cannot go to the mosques, thus when they lack understanding of Islam, we suddenly want to fight them?” he said.

He added it was important for them to tolerate everyone especially since Malaysia is a multiracial society.

“Islam tolerates many religions. For me, clashes of ideas is normal,” he said.

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