Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Frog

The Frog wants to date

It was last night.  Out of the blue, an old friend called up with this message:  “I have a dream to ‘story’ you; a kind of improvised-modern version of the prince-turned Frog fable.  Remember the version of how an evil spell bewitched by one devil of an evil witch who meant harm and total destruction of the handsome prince?”

It sounds familiar; very much like an ancient bed-time story which, as kids, we used to hear from our parents.

I have no objection, so responded, “As a kid, I love fairy tales.  And as a full-blown big kid @grandfather, I really look forward to listen to fairy tales especially the ones weaved by fellow Malaysian politicians.”

2.0 The snapshot of the ‘Frog date’

My old friend forwarded me the conversation that took place outside the pond:

Frog: My princess dearest, you know how long I have been waiting for this historic moment.  I have been trying real hard to meet you, face to face, outside the pond. 

Princess:  (I have chosen to delete the text)    

Frog:  Without you, my PERKASA won’t be worthy of existence.  My dearest, you are my soul, my life, my soulless soul.  My dear, you know how much I love to churn up my hate war against the entire non-frogs species in order to remain relevant.  Without you, where would my species and I be?

Princess:  (Not too sweet to reveal the exact response)       

Frog: Would you my dear, give me a kiss, a genuine one, one that is from the bottom of your heart? 

My old friend’s text ended abruptly:

Dear Kassim,

How do you visualise the outcome of the Frog-proposed date? 

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