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The historical cultural landscape of the nation

Press Statement by Pertahankan Taman Merdeka Negara,PTMN
Dated : 28/6/2013

PTMN is disturbed by the notice issued by Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur under the Federal Territory (Planning) Act 1982 pertaining to the Amendment of Layout Plan & Convertion of Land Use for the purpose of the proposed 118 storey office tower, service department, hotel, commercial spaces in the heart of our capital city, Kuala Lumpur.

The notices were advertised in a notice board near Stadium Merdeka and 4 newspapers from 16 - 19 /6/2013, giving only 14 days to the affected owners to response.

In the nutshell, the Notice informed that “someone” had applied for the planning permission for the amendment of layout plan consisting the 118 storey tower office, and this application will involved a change of use of land from “open space and institution” to “commercial”. The Notice also spelt out specifically the “affected landowners” who can raise objection.

In that respect, we wish to point out that:

• The Notice did not specify the entity whom had made such application for the planning permission. We argue that this is the most basic information as the “affected landowners” and the public have a right to know.

·The Notice which effectively restricted the response / objections to only a few “identified registered owner” has made a meaningful public consultation and participation a mockery. We argue that the intent and purpose of our lawmakers when making it a law for notice and participation from public is to gather public opinion so that the planning and development of this city takes into consideration the views of the people who lived in it. We wish to remind DBKL not to ignore this very principal of public consultation and democracy.

·We also object to the lack of information and transparency in the Notice whereby the “affected landowners” and public were not given a copy of the proposed layout plan and all the relevant documents, nor were we told where to inspect such documents. We ask, how would one raised comprehensive concerns if we are not fully informed? 

·The change of land use from “open space and institution” to “commercial and the area layout plan has severe consequences".

·We state that open space and institution are of public interest and for the benefit of the Rakyat. Thus, we argue that any conversation of it into commercial shall obtain the consent of all the Rakyat. These spaces shall not be simply taken away from the Rakyat into the hands of a few business cronies. We question the legality of such conversation.

·We object the change of land use and layout plan of these sites as this would change the historical cultural landscape and history of the nation forever. The three sites(Stadium Merdeka, Stadium Negara & Merdeka Park (Tunku Park) should be restored undisturbed and preserved as a collective National Heritage for the sake of future generations. In town and country planning, open space are reserved for the people to enjoy and recreate, development project should enhance people's quality of life but not the other way round.A project of this size and scope would caused much congestion to the city due to an increase in traffic and population density. We know that there is oversupply of office space in Kuala Lumpur,  we are concerned that this project will turn into another white elephant which would be economically, socially, culturally and environmentally wasteful and unnecessary for the nation.

To us, this Notice is a mere “cover” for DBKL to comply with the Planning Development Rules. It has ruled out the participation of the Rakyat. We deeply regret it. We reiterate that we, as Rakyat of Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia, has a right to participate in the planning of the city for which we live in. We have a say on whether we want a public space or a commercial lots at the People's Reserved Land.

As such, we urge all Rakyat Malaysia, to be with us in opposing this Notice and this entire 118 mega tower project.


We, will set up online petition and collecting signatures for objection at various location in the city on 29, 30 & 1 July 2013 which will be announce through FB Tolak Menara 118 Tingkat & 1 M Malaysian Reject 100 Storey Mega Tower and other social media today. We will also post sample objection letter to encourage people to sign and send to DBKL.


We, will be submitting our letter of objection to the DBKL on the following time and venue.
Date: 1/7/2013 (Monday)
Time: 11am
Venue: Menara DBKL 1, Jalan Raja Laut, 50350 Kuala Lumpur

We urge all Residents of Kuala Lumpur & Malaysia to join us on that day so that our voices are heard.

Haji Ishak Surin
Chairman of Pertahankan Taman Merdeka Negara (PTMN)

Dato Thasleem Mohd Ibrahim, Ser Choon Ing, Victor Chin
Vice Presidents of  PTMN

Tang Ah Chai
Executive Director of PTMN

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