Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Get the DEVIL!

Sir, Get THE devil while you can!

In the Village that rears, breeds anarchists 
monsters roam free, devils always amok,
lawlessness rules our days, prowls our nights,
yes, the stage manager appears kaput – purportedly insane

NO...NO...NO, stage master
you’ve to scourge that shit-stirring devil.
banish him for good as the filthiest of scums.
then, only then, the stage will own itself.

YES, NO, YES, NO? Stage master,  you can’t pretend!
you can’t,
you’re real, that mundane from within?
hence prefer burning the Village to remain safe?

NO, NO...NO!
my dear stage master,   
we don’t scorched our very own Village to ashes.
we prefer your one-way ticket to Hell!
else,  get that devil behind the stage,
GET him at all cost while you can!
before it’s too late to save your own skin.

Kuala Lumpur.
25 June 2014.

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