Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Bila ulama dagangkan agamanya

The blind followers in the blissful world of deceit

Among believers in God, religion sells well. Usually it flourishes.  But before effectively marketing it, the Guardian of Faith (read: salesman) must equip itself with relevant credentials.  In Islam, these so-called enlightened, knowledgeable, informed, selected, responsible and pious yet clean characters are the clerics, the ulamaks.  Once seen as ulamaks, most of the time followers of the Faith throng blindly thinking that are being guided by the Enlightened One.  ‘Selling’ becomes easy.

AS such, if one wants to start a business, one of the most lucrative options that one can always consider is Faith; i.e. adopting and using Faith as a commodity.  And at the present moment when finding jobs in the outside world can be an insurmountable task, and when jobs in the market are really hard to come by, religion is an effective gadget to use. For those who are trained in the various disciplines of the Faith, religion opens up various doors of opportunities.  Yes, you can package religion for sale.  Here, for years we have just seen how religion has been packaged as the Divine Way.  We have just seen how the followers ― as if drunk ― have been callously shoved into the blissful world of deceit by the pious and righteous.  Ironically, the followers are still drunk for the success.

How sad.

(Maaf, bila pedih lebih sedap cakap Orang Putih)


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